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1. Ann Howard - Tattooed Lady Ann Howard - Tattooed LadyWomen ; Tattoo artistsFull view of lady in a swing with tattoos on arms and legs.

2. Dancing Calves Dancing CalvesAnimals, abnormalities ; Conjoined twinsFull view of siamese twin calves.

3. Elephants in Parade on City Street Elephants in Parade on City StreetCircus animalsSame view as 1124-44 but with elephants. First and last elephants have riders. People walking on the sidewalks. [Spark's R.R. Circus, 1931]

4. J.C. Bradeen - Skeleton Man J.C. Bradeen - Skeleton ManMen ; Thin peopleFull view of man sitting. [Nebraska Skeleton]

5. James Hardy Blondin - High Wire Artist James Hardy Blondin - High Wire ArtistMen ; PerformersFull view. Man in short costume and tights standing with arms on waist. Printed: The hero of Niagra Falls / Complinnets of James Hardy Blondin / High wire artist.

6. Jean Carson Tattooed Woman Jean Carson Tattooed WomanWomen ; Tattoo artistsFull view of naked woman sitting on a table

7. John Craig - Fat Man John Craig - Fat ManMen ; ObesityFull view Craig sitting in chair with smaller man standing beside.

8. Leonard Hanstein Leonard HansteinMen ; Deformities, artificialna

9. Lotta Pictoria - Tattooed woman Lotta Pictoria - Tattooed womanWomen ; Tattoo artists ; Ephemera, printedThree views of Lotta Pictoria, from the front back, and full view of her sitting in a chair. Photograph. Printed: Lotta Pictoria / Tattooing done by / Prof. Charles Wagner / 11 Chatham SQ. New York Ci

10. Maj. Mite - Midget Maj. Mite - MidgetMen ; DwarfsFull view of man standing next to a chair. Studio backdrop.

11. Mirror Wagon in Parade Mirror Wagon in ParadeVehicles ; Circus animalsCity street with parade of circus wagons. Written on photo: Mirror ....Wagon. / John Robinson's Circus./ Parade view 1900./ Bernard /Reproduction

12. Princess Lucy - Midget Princess Lucy - MidgetWomen ; DwarfsFull view. Midget lady standing in front of studio backdrop with bear skin run in front of her.

13. Ricky Boswell Snake Handler Ricky Boswell Snake HandlerMen ; Performers ; Ephemera, printedFull view of yourn man in shorts with snake around his neck. Other snakes on the floor. Printed: Ricky Boswell / Snake Handler/ Palace Of Wonders

14. Signor Poddreth ? - Strong Man Signor Poddreth ? - Strong ManMen ; Performers ; Circus performersFull view of man standing behind weights.

15. Tattoo artist Tattoo artistWomen ; Tattoo artists ; Ephemera, printedFull horizontal view of a man tatooing a woman already covered in tatoos. Photograph

16. The Three Del Rios The Three Del RiosDwarfs ; Children ; Ephemera, printedFull view of three small people standing together. Two women and one male. Printed: The / Three Del Rios / Madrid Spain / Mamid's Million Dollar Pier / Atlantic City, NJ

17. Unidentified UnidentifiedConjoined twins ; Abnormalities, humanMary and Arrita. Siamese twins born in Mexico City in 1910.

18. Unidentified Midget Lady Unidentified Midget LadyWomen ; DwarfsFull view of midget woman standing behind a swing, on studio grass.

19. Wagon on City Street Wagon on City StreetVehicles ; Circus animalsPhoto of wagon in parade being driven by two men. Team of horses. [Spark's R.R. Circus, 1921]

20. Wagon on City Street Wagon on City StreetVehicles ; Circus animalsSame view 1124-43 but with a different wagon. Image faded. [Spark's R.R. Circus, 1931]
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