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1. Chinese Family Chinese FamilyFamilyFull horizontal view. Chinese man and wife with three children all dressed in traditional Chinese clothes

2. Ettie Reynolds - Albino Lady Ettie Reynolds - Albino LadyWomen ; Albinos and albinismFull view. Albino lady with long white hair, dressed in fringed costume with one arm resting on studio fireplace. Also holding a parrott.

3. Genuine Hindoo Nautch Dancers Genuine Hindoo Nautch DancersWomen ; Circus performersFull view. Three women dressed in traditional Hidu clothing. Printed: Genuine Hindoo Nautch Dancers Bottom mount trimmed.

4. Genuine Sioux Indians Genuine Sioux IndiansMen ; Women ; TribesFull view. Five adult American Indians and two children dressed in traditional Indian clothes. Priinted Genuine Sioux Indians.

5. Harvey Wilson - Human Skeleton Harvey Wilson - Human SkeletonMen ; Thin peopleFull view, seated, dressed in shorts and black tights.

6. Hubert Wilke - Musician Hubert Wilke - MusicianMen ; Bands (Music)3/4 view. Man with long hair and mustache, dressed in elaborate costume. Playing a horn-like flute. Printed: Hubert Wilke

7. Jo Jo the Dog Faced Boy Jo Jo the Dog Faced BoyMen ; Hair ; Circus performers3/4 view. Hairy faced man sitting on bear skin rug, holding rifle and dressed in velvet fringed outfit. printed: Jo' Jo' the Russian Dog-Faced Boy.

8. Laloo - Boy with Parasitic Twin Laloo - Boy with Parasitic TwinChildren ; Abnormalities, human ; Conjoined twinsFull view. Boy standing, holding arms of parasitic twin (twin's body growing out of his abdomen). Dressed in a fringed velvet costume. [Laloo}

9. Lena of the Power's Elephants Lena of the Power's ElephantsCircus animals ; Women ; Circus performersPhotograph of an elephant holding a bar wihth a woman hanging from it. Man and woman dressed in monkey suits. Writen on photo: Lena of the Power's Elephants at / Coney Island, N.Y. 1905. / season o

10. Major Atom - Midget Major Atom - MidgetMen ; DwarfsFull view. Midget standing dressed in coat with tails, holding top hat and cane.

11. Mr. And Mrs. Loius Weigand - Midgets Mr. And Mrs. Loius Weigand - MidgetsMen ; Women ; DwarfsFull view. Midget couple standing dressed in traditional Scottish costumes.

12. Scottsman with Bagpipes Scottsman with BagpipesMen ; Bands (Music)Full View. Man dressed in traditional Scottish attire, holding bagpipes.

13. The Tocci Brothers - Siamese Twins The Tocci Brothers - Siamese TwinsChildren ; Conjoined twinsFull view. Siamese twin boys sitting in chair, two heads, 4 arms, 2 legs. Dressed in velvet costume.

14. Tom Thumb and Wife - Midgets Tom Thumb and Wife - MidgetsMen ; Women ; DwarfsDuplicate of #685. Full view. Printed: General Tom Thumb and Wife,/ in the indentical costumes worn before Emperor Louis Napoleon / and the Empress Eugeuie, at the Palace of the Tuilleries, Nov / 2

15. Unidentified Albino Man Unidentified Albino ManMen ; Albinos and albinismFull view. Albino man with long white hair and beard. Dressed in military type costume playing a drum.

16. Unidentified Giant Man Unidentified Giant ManMen ; GiantsFull view standing. Dressed in military uniform, holding cane.

17. Unidentified Male Human Skeleton Unidentified Male Human SkeletonMen ; Thin peopleFull view, arm resting on studio banister, dressed in tights with scarf around neck.

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