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1. Advertisement in Springfield Newspaper Advertisement in Springfield NewspaperCircus ; Ephemera, printed ; Circus collectiblesWritten on the photo of the add: Display advertisement in Sprinfiled, Mass newspaper issue dated June 13, 1850, announcing coming of / James M. June & Co. Circus to Springfield on Wednesday and Thurs

2. All-Black People Band on a Circus Truck. All-Black People Band on a Circus Truck.Vehicles ; Bands (Music) ; PerformersPhotograph of circus truck with band on top. Driving through a neighborhood. Five black people watching the truck. Painted on the truck: Downie Bros. Circus.Georgia Minstrels) [Savannah, Ga. Oct.

3. Anne E. Leak - Armless Wonder Anne E. Leak - Armless WonderWomen ; Abnormalities, humanFull view. Lady without arms sitting on lace covered table, holding scissors with toes. Trimmed at the bottom of picture.

4. Anne Leek Thomson - Armless Lady Anne Leek Thomson - Armless LadyWomen ; Family ; Abnormalities, humanFull view of Ann with man and boy

5. Barn Where Newton Bros. Circus Wintered Barn Where Newton Bros. Circus WinteredCircusView of barn. Written on photo: Barn Where Newton Brothers Circus & / Indian Show Wintered 1872. Printed: Half Century Circus Reviews /By Chas Bernard / Riverside Place Savannah, Ga.

6. Circus Truck and Camels Circus Truck and CamelsCircus animals ; VehiclesPhotograph of Georgia Mistrels circus truck with Downie Bros. Circus. Three camels folowing behind. [Savannah, Ga. Oct. 25, 1933]

7. Dan Rice's Home, Girard Pa. Dan Rice's Home, Girard Pa.CircusView of house from across the lawn. Printed: Half Century Circus Reviews /By Chas Bernard / Riverside Place Savannah, Ga.

8. Fred Aymar, Equestrian Director Fred Aymar, Equestrian DirectorMen ; Circus performersVertical bust shot. Written on photo: Fred Aymar, Equestrian Director/ Walter L. Main Circus number of seasons. Printed:Circuses of the past /by Chas Bernard / Riverside Place Savannah, Ga.

9. Headquarters Gen. W.T. Sherman Headquarters Gen. W.T. ShermanCircusWritten on photo: Headquarters Gen. W.T. Sherman, 1864, Savannah, Ga.

10. John Wilson Four Horse Rider John Wilson Four Horse RiderMen ; Circus performersPhotographic portrait of older man in street clothes. Inscribed on photo: John Wilson / 4. Horse Rider Old Rob..... Show Printed: Circus History Specialties / Photographs and Literature / Chas. Ber

11. Jumbo Ride Jumbo RideCircus animalsPhoto with hand touced frame designs. Jumbo the elephant giving rides to large groups of people on his back. Smaller elephant walking beside Jumbo. Written on photo: Jumbo The Famous Barnum Elepha

12. McIntire & Heath McIntire & HeathCircus performersSitting on studio props. Written on photo: McIntire & Heath as they appeared in 1879. / Photographed in Portland, Oregon. Printed: Circuses of the Past / By Chas. Bernard / Riverside Place Savan

13. Three Axel Circus Truck Three Axel Circus TruckVehicles ; CircusPhotograph of circus truck with picture of Gen. Washington Crossing the Deleware painted on the side. [Downie Bros. Circus./ Savannah, Ga. 10-26-1932.]

14. Tom Mix Circus Truck Tom Mix Circus TruckVehicles ; CircusSide view of truck with painted scenes of a waterfall and lake. Written on photo: Savannah, Ga / Sept 28, 1936

15. Unzie, Circassian Wonder & Mlle Zenobia Unzie, Circassian Wonder & Mlle ZenobiaHair ; Albinos and albinismTwo photos. Bust view of Unzie with text: Unzie, Circassian Wonder/ Forepaugh-Sells Brothers Circus. / Providence, RI. SEason of 1900. Other photo is full view of Mlle Zenobia sitting. Printed: Ml

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