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1. Al G. Barnes Circus Al G. Barnes CircusCircus animals ; VehiclesView of horse teams and wagons. Written in picture: Parade wagon ready to go to lot. / Al G. Barnes Circus, Iowa Falls, Iowa: Season of 1931./ Bernard

2. Barnum & Bailey Circus Three Canopy Band Wagon Barnum & Bailey Circus Three Canopy Band WagonCircus animals ; VehiclesDrawing of wagon holding a band, drawn by horses. Written on picture: Barnum & Bailey Circus Three Canopy Band Wagon? 1883 Season - close up view- Bernard

3. Canopy Top Bandwagon Canopy Top BandwagonVehicles ; Circus ; Bands (Music)View of wagon hitched to team of horse. In a field. Written on photo: #82 Great Wallace Circus Canopy top / Bandwagon - close up side view - Season 1904

4. Dave Costello Riding Act Dave Costello Riding ActCircus animals ; Circus performersMan standing on a horse. Woman kneeling on a horse next to his. Two handlers and a clown in the picture. Onlookers. Written on photo: Dave Costello Riding Act Hagenberck-Wallace Circus 1920 Seaso

5. George L. Stull - Wild Man George L. Stull - Wild ManMen ; Deformities, artificialFull view. Man with long hair and very long finger nails. Wearing bear skin coat, sitting on studio rocks. [Walter L. Main, / 1891]

6. John Robinson Circus John Robinson CircusCircusScene of circus tents and wagon.

7. Jones Brothers Wagon with Band Jones Brothers Wagon with BandVehicles ; Circus ; Bands (Music)Wooden wagon with Black band on top. Horse team in front. Written on photo: Jones Brother's World Toured Shows Season of 1915. / No. 1 Band returning to lot from parade. Bernard Reproduction. Phot

8. Lena of the Power's Elephants Lena of the Power's ElephantsCircus animals ; Women ; Circus performersPhotograph of an elephant holding a bar wihth a woman hanging from it. Man and woman dressed in monkey suits. Writen on photo: Lena of the Power's Elephants at / Coney Island, N.Y. 1905. / season o

9. Lotta The Human Art Gallery Lotta The Human Art GalleryWomen ; Tattoo artists ; Ephemera, printedFull view of Lotta standing in a short, sleeveless costume Printed:Lotta The Human Art Gallery. Photograph

10. Mungo - Wild Man Mungo - Wild ManMen ; PerformersFull horizontal view. Wild man in chains, kneeling in cage.

11. Sig Arcaris and Sister Kate, Knife Throwing Act Sig Arcaris and Sister Kate, Knife Throwing ActMen ; Women ; Circus performersFull view, man in costume holding hatchets with woman standing against board, knives and hatchets all around her. Bear skin rug in the foreground. [To Bert Cole / Sig G. Arcaris & Sister Kate / Walte

12. The Estics Hutty and Tain - Pinheads The Estics Hutty and Tain - PinheadsMen ; MicrocephalyFull view. Two negro pinheads. One standing and one sitting. Both in costume.Printed: Hutty and Tain / Cooper and Jackson Circus / Season of 1883/ A. Gene Hamilton Circus Collection / Fairfield, Iowa

13. Unzie, Circassian Wonder & Mlle Zenobia Unzie, Circassian Wonder & Mlle ZenobiaHair ; Albinos and albinismTwo photos. Bust view of Unzie with text: Unzie, Circassian Wonder/ Forepaugh-Sells Brothers Circus. / Providence, RI. SEason of 1900. Other photo is full view of Mlle Zenobia sitting. Printed: Ml

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