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1. Al G. Barnes Circus Al G. Barnes CircusCircus animals ; VehiclesView of horse teams and wagons. Written in picture: Parade wagon ready to go to lot. / Al G. Barnes Circus, Iowa Falls, Iowa: Season of 1931./ Bernard

2. Anne E. Leak - Armless Wonder Anne E. Leak - Armless WonderWomen ; Abnormalities, humanFull view. Lady without arms sitting on lace covered table, holding scissors with toes. Trimmed at the bottom of picture.

3. Barnum & Bailey Circus Three Canopy Band Wagon Barnum & Bailey Circus Three Canopy Band WagonCircus animals ; VehiclesDrawing of wagon holding a band, drawn by horses. Written on picture: Barnum & Bailey Circus Three Canopy Band Wagon? 1883 Season - close up view- Bernard

4. Circus Wagon and Elephants Circus Wagon and ElephantsVehicles ; Circus animalsVerticle picture of the front half of a wagon and two elephants. Picture is torn in half.

5. Dave Costello Riding Act Dave Costello Riding ActCircus animals ; Circus performersMan standing on a horse. Woman kneeling on a horse next to his. Two handlers and a clown in the picture. Onlookers. Written on photo: Dave Costello Riding Act Hagenberck-Wallace Circus 1920 Seaso

6. Ella Harper- The Camel Girl Ella Harper- The Camel GirlWomen ; Abnormalities, humanFull horizontal view. Young girl with hands and feet on floor, her legs bent backward.

7. Gen. Mite - Midget Gen. Mite - MidgetMen ; DwarfsFull view. Standing. Oval picture.

8. Hagg Bros. Circus Truck Hagg Bros. Circus TruckVehicles ; CircusTruck advertising Haag Bros. 2nd annual Tour. Picture of two men, presumalby The Haag Bros.

9. Klinkhart's Troupe of Midgets Klinkhart's Troupe of MidgetsDwarfs ; Ephemera, printedFull horzintal picture of 10 people. Printed: Klinkhart's Troupe of Midgets / Circus Al G. Barnes / Dalbey Richmond, Ind.

10. Lady Without Shoulder Blades Lady Without Shoulder BladesWomen ; Abnormalities, humanFull view of lady in long dress. Difficult to read inscription. Rare picture.

11. Lionel - Lionfaced Boy Lionel - Lionfaced BoyMen ; Hair ; Circus performersFull frontal view. Printed on picture: Lionel / Lion Faced Boy.

12. Little Eddie Taylor - Smaller man Little Eddie Taylor - Smaller manDwarfs ; Abnormalities, human ; Ephemera, printedPicture of a small, black man with people looking. [2 ft. 11. age 41 59 lbs. / Little Eddie Taylor]

13. Major Mite Major MiteMen ; Dwarfsna

14. Mr. And Mrs. Jean Bregant - Selling Sugar Stick Candy Mr. And Mrs. Jean Bregant - Selling Sugar Stick CandyDwarfs ; Ephemera, printedSame advertising. Picture is different pose , both are wearing hats. Full view of man and woman in street clothes. Printed: Mr. and Mrs. Jean Bregant /selling / Woodward's / Pure Sugar Stick Candy an

15. Orchestmelchor OrchestmelchorVehicles ; Circus animals ; Bands (Music)Drawn picture of a wagon organ-type pipes on top and a team of 8 horses. Written on photo: No. 88 P.T. Barnum's / Orchestmelchor / 1873 Printed: The Giant Orchestmelochor Courier Co. / Buffalo.

16. Three Axel Circus Truck Three Axel Circus TruckVehicles ; CircusPhotograph of circus truck with picture of Gen. Washington Crossing the Deleware painted on the side. [Downie Bros. Circus./ Savannah, Ga. 10-26-1932.]

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