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1. Bertha Carnihan - Midget Bertha Carnihan - MidgetWomen ; DwarfsFull view. Midget woman standing in front of stuio backdrop with flowers in foreground. Small piece of image missing.

2. Bingham Ventriloquist with Gen. Tom Thumb's Museum - Advertising Card Bingham Ventriloquist with Gen. Tom Thumb's Museum - Advertising CardDwarfs ; Ephemera, printedAdvertising card in the shape of a painters pallette. Pictures three people in small chairs and one larger figure standing.

3. Charles B. Trippe Charles B. TrippeMen ; Abnormalities, humanna

4. Chinese Giant Chinese GiantMen ; GiantsFull view of giant standing next to small chair

5. Circus Wagon Circus WagonCircus animals ; VehiclesFull horizontal view. Carved circus wagon pulled by four horses. Small girl sitting on wagon. A rare outdoor photograph by Eisenmann. Could be a photographic copy.

6. Col. Speck - Midget Col. Speck - MidgetMen ; DwarfsFull view of man holding a violin. [Col. Speck / Small Man]

7. General Alden and Wife - Midgets General Alden and Wife - MidgetsMen ; Women ; DwarfsFull view. Midget couple standing arm in arm in front of studio backdrop. [General Alden and wife / Small married couple / over] Image streaked

8. George Williams - Turtle Boy George Williams - Turtle BoyChildren ; Abnormalities, humanFull view. Small negro boy with deformed body.

9. Goats Pulling Carriage Goats Pulling CarriageCircus animalsTeam of goats hitched to a small carriage. Hand coloring on goats.

10. Hans, small man Hans, small manDwarfs ; Men ; Ephemera, printedFull view of Hans standing next to a larger man, both in top hats and suits. Printed: Hans, 20 years old, 24 inches high.

11. Harry and Grace - Small People Harry and Grace - Small PeopleDwarfs ; Ephemera, printedFull view of man and woman standing together. Printed: Harry / 22 years old / 28 in. in height / Grace / 24 years old / 30 in. in height

12. Krao KraoWomen ; Hair ; Abnormalities, humanna

13. Liliput Trio - Midgets Liliput Trio - MidgetsChildren ; DwarfsFull view of three small people and one normal-sized man. Printed: Liliput Trio.

14. Little Eddie Taylor - Smaller man Little Eddie Taylor - Smaller manDwarfs ; Abnormalities, human ; Ephemera, printedPicture of a small, black man with people looking. [2 ft. 11. age 41 59 lbs. / Little Eddie Taylor]

15. Lulu Lataska - Snake Charmer Lulu Lataska - Snake CharmerWomen ; Circus performersBust view. Lady in caged area with many large and small snakes wrapped around her chest, head and arms.

16. M'lle Prospetto And His Pets M'lle Prospetto And His PetsCircus animals ; Circus performers ; PerformersPhotographic copy. Montage of 12 different photos of man and horses performing varios feats. A rare Plainfield New Jersey studio photograph by Eisenmann. Small piece of mount missing.

17. Minnie Ha Ha Minnie Ha HaWomen ; Microcephalyna

18. Performing Dogs Performing DogsCircus animalsFull horizontal view. Five small dogs standing on hind legs on buckets in front of studio backdrop.

19. Princess Wee- Wee Princess Wee- WeeWomen ; Dwarfs ; Ephemera, printedFull view of small woman standing next to a taller man. Fireplace backdrop behind. Printed: Princess Wee-Wee / Age 23 years. weight 12 lbs.

20. The Little Esquimaux Lady- Midget The Little Esquimaux Lady- MidgetWomen ; DwarfsFull view of woman in fur outfit covering head and body. Small dog next to her. Studio backdrop of ice. Printed: The Little Esquimaux Lady/ Miss Olaf Krarer, Age 30, years. Height, 40 inches. Weigh
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