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TEK Medium Professional Toothbrush

TitleTEK Medium Professional Toothbrush
Object NameTEK Medium Professional Toothbrush
Manufactured ByPlaytex Products, Inc.
DescriptionMint green, solid colored, toothbrush by "TEK." In retail package." H. N. Wadsworth was the first American to patent a toothbrush – of bone and animal bristle - in 1857 (US Patent No. 18,653). American Companies soon began to mass-produce toothbrushes after 1885. The biggest change was the introduction of nylon bristles in 1938 and their subsequent rapid and widespread acceptance, since they were more durable and more hygienic than animal bristles, which also tended to fall out easily. Dr. West’s Miracle Toothbrush produced by the Weco Products Company introduced the new DuPont nylon fibers in 1938. Since then, modern toothbrush has consisted of a plastic handle and nylon bristles attached to the head of the brush. The American Dental Association (ADA) tests a number of toothbrushes and other dental products each year and awards its "Seal of Acceptance" to brand that meet its standards, which, as in this case, advertise the designation on toothbrush packaging.
MaterialNylon (bristles), Unidentified Plastic (handle)
Manufacturing ProcessExtruded (bristles), Injection molded (handle)
Number of Objects1
Accession Number2010.011.9
DonorGift of National Plastics Center.
Broad SubjectPersonal Care and Toiletries
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