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Apple Cutter

TitleApple Cutter
Object NameApple Cutter
Manufactured ByRobinson Plastics Corp.
DescriptionGreen fruit slicer. "RP Corp. NY." Mold designers were William Leidel, Sr. and Irvin I. Rubin, the mold was made by the Leidel Corp. (Queens, NY). Irvin Rubin talked about this product: Irvin I. Rubin: "Mr. Robinson put patent pending on these items [apple cutter and sock darner] even though we had not applied for one. He somehow got a metal apple cutter from Japan that I converted into plastic. The Sunday New York Times always had an ad from Zoltan Polacheck who would get you a patent for ten dollars. I got Mr. Robinsons unenthusiastic approval to go ahead. We got about five claims approved. All that was needed was the thirty-five dollar government fee. He did not think it was worth it. Since that was two weeks salary for me, I didn't go ahead a decision that I still regret. When I was a lad, I had five ambitions: to sleep with a girl, get married, have children, write a book, and get a patent. I still have not gotten a patent though I have had a number of patentable ideas including magnetic coupling of motors and pumps." Promotional material for the utensil read “Every housewife is a prospect for useful, inexpensive articles for the home. Odorless, tasteless Lustron apple and pear cutters, retailing for only 25 cents, are all ready to go to work for you and your customers. Practical little Lustron cutters will segment and core fruit in just about a jiffy…an absolute “natural” for gadget bars, kitchenware, hardware and chain store counters. Stimulate extra sales and extra profits with attractive, easy to use household items of practical plastics.” " [source: promotional flyer for trade fair, Irving I. Rubin Collection, Syracuse University]
Date Manufactured1940
Material Trade NameLustron
Manufacturing ProcessInjection Molded
Number of Objects1
Accession Number2010_055.127
DonorGift of Irvin I. Rubin
Broad SubjectKitchenware
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