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1. Armrest Base Armrest BaseAutomotive

2. Barrette BarretteBarrette

3. Blue Owl Blue Owl

4. Bottle Holder Bottle HolderHousehold

5. Bottle Holder Bottle HolderHousehold

6. Colander (Tupperware) Colander (Tupperware)

7. Cover or Lid (Tupperware) Cover or Lid (Tupperware)Lids

8. Cover or Lid (Tupperware) Cover or Lid (Tupperware)Lids

9. Cover or Lids (Tupperware) Cover or Lids (Tupperware)Lids

10. Cross CrossPromotional/Souvenir

11. Crystopal Sample Crystopal SampleMaterial Samples

12. Curler CurlerHair combs

13. DAP Coil Bobbin Switch DAP Coil Bobbin SwitchIndustrial items

14. Doorknob DoorknobHousehold

15. Dresser Set Case for Amerith Dresser Set Dresser Set Case for Amerith Dresser SetPersonal Care

16. Dresser Tray Dresser TrayPersonal Care

17. Dri-Dek Corporation Floor Sample Dri-Dek Corporation Floor SampleBuilding Material Samples

18. GE Plastic Sample GE Plastic SampleIndustrial items

19. Hair Pin Hair PinHair combs

20. Hair Pin Hair PinHair combs
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