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1. Bowl (Tupperware) Bowl (Tupperware)Kitchenware

2. Eyeglass Frames Eyeglass FramesEyewear

3. Horn Spreaders Horn SpreadersUtensils

4. Mold or Die Mold or DieEyewear

5. Pitcher (Tupperware) Pitcher (Tupperware)Kitchenware

6. Quarry Cast "Molded Stone" Material Sample Quarry Cast "Molded Stone" Material SampleBuilding Material Samples

7. Sample Chip Sample ChipPlastic Manufacturing

8. Stenogravure StenogravureDecorations

9. Toothbrush ToothbrushToothbrushes

10. Translucent Salmon Marble Sample Translucent Salmon Marble SampleEyewear

11. Two-One Eyeglass Frames Two-One Eyeglass FramesEyewear

12. Vent Cover Vent CoverAutomotive

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