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1. Armrest Base Armrest BaseAutomotive

2. Barrette BarretteBarrette

3. Barrette BarretteBarrette

4. Cold Water Sink Handle Cold Water Sink HandleIndustrial Items

5. Comb CombCombs

6. Contact Lens Color Selector Circle Contact Lens Color Selector CircleOptical

7. Doll DollToys

8. Fabric sample Fabric sample

9. Flower Pot Plate (2.5" Flower Pot Plate (2.5"Household

10. Flower Pot Plate (5" Flower Pot Plate (5"Household

11. Hair Comb Hair CombHair combs

12. Hair Comb Hair CombBarrette

13. Hair Comb Hair CombHair combs

14. Hair Pin Hair PinHair combs

15. High Pressure Laminate Sample High Pressure Laminate SamplePlastic Manufacturing

16. Ice cube or Gelatin mold (Tupperware) Ice cube or Gelatin mold (Tupperware)Kitchenware

17. Installation Selection Installation SelectionAutomotive

18. Mounting Plate Mounting PlateIndustrial items

19. Multi-Patterned Marble and Tortoiseshell Sample Multi-Patterned Marble and Tortoiseshell SampleEyewear

20. Paining Stencil Paining StencilEyewear
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